14 Aug

  Nicole and I went to church Sunday. I have gone to Oak forest Methodist Church all my life and feel pretty confident saying it is one of the most beautiful churches in Little Rock, especially for its size. We met my mother there that morning. (Dad had ridden his motorcycle to Colorado go visit my brother for a few days). Afterwards Nicole was off to meet a friend of hers for lunch so I decided to spend some Mom-time that afternoon.

  After church I rode back with her to the house where she changed shoes before we headed north out of town. We decided to head up to Heber Springs on Greers Ferry Lake for lunch. We headed up highway 107, driving through North Little Rock into the rolling Ozark foothills. We drove through Romance, AR, where Nicole and I visited a few months earlier. We had mailed all of our wedding invitations from the post office there so they would all be marked Romance (yes very cheesy, but as much as I love road trips a finding interesting places around the state, it was right up my alley). We had been driving for a while and it was starting to get late enough in the afternoon that we ended up stopping just north of there, in Rose Bud, at a little gas station diner. It was the first place we had seen since Jacksonville and we were pretty hungry. The food was fine, average gas station diner variety.

  We finished up and continued on, arriving in Heber Springs shortly after. We turned off of the bypass and took the old highway into town. (Why would anyone want to bypass Heber Springs?) The old town center is great however it was a Sunday so a lot of the shops were closed. They have a great little movie theater off of the town square, the Gem Theater, which hopefully I can make a trip up to one evening to catch a movie just for the heck of it. We drove through the town a little and decided to cross the dam, nearby at Greers Ferry Lake, and head back.

John F. Kennedy Bust

  We drove across the dam and looked out on the wide expanse of the lake to the west and the deep narrow channel of the river escaping it to the east. The dam was built under the Kennedy administration and he attended the dedication of it. It was his last public appearance before travelling to Dallas. The John F. Kennedy Overlook Memorial Park was built in honor of him and if offers quite a view from a small modern architecture pavilion.


JFK Overlook Pavilion

Greers Ferry Dam and Lake

Footpath to the River

The Little Red River Ahead

We left the park and decided to take the long way home to Little Rock, (notice a theme yet?), travelling along the Little Red River to the east. We found a small access point to pull over at and walked down to the river. The trail was a little worn dirt path through the brush that opened up on the river’s edge. They must have been letting quite a bit of water out of the dam because there were some trees and ground cover under water. We stood on the edge, watching the river rush by and noticed how it was slowing creeping up on us.



...maybe we should head back uphill...

  We got back in the car and continued on but it wasn’t very long before we found another access point and of course we had to stop again. This one had a small marina where you could rent boats and there were some cabins along the shoreline as well. It was a nice spot and we walked out on the dock and decided to stick our feet in the water. Sooooo Cold!


  Once again we jumped in the car and headed back down the highway. We pulled into Searcy and drove around the downtown area there. I had seen pictures of the White County Courthouse before but never in person. It really is one the nicest courthouses in the state. From there we jumped back on the highway, headed south towards Little Rock and home. Just another successful Sunday drive.

Fishing for Trout with Toes

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One response to “LITTLE RED RIVER RUN

  1. Alda Ellis

    September 23, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    this was a favorite day of all time…sticking my feet in the cold water, and sharing the day with you!


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