04 Sep

    We got up this morning and drove down to Hot Springsto visit Nicole’s parents and spend the day. Nicole’s father started a while back to make wine and has gotten really good at it. He was ready to start a new batch and decided to do another muscadine wine. Now many of you may be familiar with Muscadine wine. It’s an Arkansas trademark but a lot of people tend to not kike it because of the intense sweetness. The muscadine grapes are very sweet by themselves but many of the local wines out there have so much sugar that are added to them it can be a bit overwhelming. This is not the same as homemade muscadine wine. Some sugar is added, like in any wine, but in a homemade batch, the wine relies more on the grapes natural sweetness than the added sugar. And it is goooooood! The other interesting thing about muscadines are they are native to Arkansas and much of the southeast and can often found growing wild in the woods. They’re kind of like a grape on steroids. They taste similar but are bigger and have a thick tough skin. But they’re really sweet and I think I ate as many as I picked. One for the bucket, one for me, One for the bucket, one for me ….

The first step to muscadine wine is finding some muscadines.
Luckily we knew a place.

     West of town, just south of Nicole’s parent’s house is a
little house that has a great muscadine vineyard in the front yard. They have
the large and small dark variety and a golden bronze variety as well. The people who live there now are pretty open to anyone coming out an picking as much as they want for 5 bucks a gallon. They leave some gallon buckets on the porch for people to use.

    We picked 11 gallons, 5 of the golden ones, 5 of the small dark red ones and 6 of the large dark reds ones. 5 gallons of grapes makes a 5 gallon batch of wine. And I picked an extra gallon to take home to my mom.

Muscadines! Yum!

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