04 Oct

So I guess I knew this in the back of my head earlier but I’m beginning to realize how hard this blog will be. And I don’t mean it will be hard not to have a car for the month. Actually that’s part of the problem. After I graduated school, I got a job downtown. I then found a place to live downtown. And over the past 5 years I guess I’ve just really adapted to my neighborhood and I really don’t have to travel much farther than downtown or nearby Riverdale very often anymore. And though Downtown doesn’t appear to have the wide variety of choices in services entertainment and food that West Little Rock has, It does have a pretty fair list of options but the best part is they’re all so close!

  So Friday was my last day to drive, which actually was kind of sad because now that the weather is cooling down, I really want to cruise through the Ouachita’s! But after the Clinton Bridge dedication I drove out to my parents house to see them for a while and then drove back to Riverdale for a rehearsal dinner and Whole Hog Café (Looooove Whole Hog!). Nicole’s friend Casey was getting married the next day and she was the Maid of Honor.

Saturday started off pretty quiet. I took Beckett for a walk and then rode my bike to the office to grab my phone charger that I had left up there. From there I biked up to 7th and over to Main Street where I rode down the middle of The main Street Food Festival that was going on that day. It was still early and all the vendors were still setting up but I was on my way to The Flying Saucer to watch the Hogs play Texas A & M! On a side note, while we were watching the game early on we looked out the window and saw the Rajun Cajun himself, James Carville walk by. He was in town for the Clinton celebration. The game was hard to watch at first but the Hogs pulled through! Troeger, James and Lucas all came out to watch too and even Denis and Angela, Nicole’s parents, who had driven down for the wedding later that night, joined us. After the game I decided I would head out to the River Cities Travel Center, Central Arkansas Transit’s main hub, and get my 31 day bus pass. But they were closed! I guess I can understand that ridership is slower on the weekends but it’s kind of annoying that you can only purchase a bus pass on the weekdays. So after that I met back up with Denis and Angela and we headed out to the wedding. Now I know I said I would avoid carpooling if I could and only try to use public transit but we were waaaaaay out in the boondocks. We drove to An Enchanted Evening ,out highway 300, west of Little Rock and there were definitely no busses going that direction! The wedding was great though and after discovering I was an amazing dancer and even more amazing air guitarist, I rode with Nicole back home.

Nicole’s parents stayed the night and brought their bikes and so the next morning we took a little bike ride. …..A little 22 mile bike ride. It was the furthest I had ever biked. We Biked down to the new bridge and wetlands park which were now both open to the public and crossed the river to North Little Rock. We biked all the way down to the Big Dam Bridge and the out to Two rivers Park over the new bridge there. We made the loot around the peninsula and headed back alongside the river along the Little Rock side. It was an amazing day outside but I still amazed and the amount of people out walking, jogging, running and biking around the Big Dam Bridge and Two Rivers Park areas. I really can’t believe that there are still some people out there that say these projects were a huge waste of money. The river trail system is one of Little Rock and North Little Rocks biggest amenities. Way better than any of these fake pedestrian friendly shopping centers that have been in West Little Rock.

A Well Earned Lunch

So as we biked backed and began to notice that breakfast had long ago disappeared, we decided to head down to Riverdale for a burger and beer at Buffalo Grill. Riverdale really needs to work on funneling people off the trail at the end of Rebsamen Park where it joins Riverfront drive, and getting them to bike by all the restaurants. Because after a long bike ride, relaxing on a patio outside having lunch is the cherry on top. Maybe not the best idea if you’re only on the trail trying to lose weight or stay fit but if you’re out there for the pure enjoyment of being outside then it’s a definite plus!

When we got back and Denis and Angela packed up and headed back to Hot Springs and Nicole and I tried to convince ourselves that our legs were not going to fall off. They couldn’t because our day wasn’t done yet. We had to go out to War Memorial Park for Zoo Jams! Zoo Jams was a big concert series out on the golf course put on by the Little Rock Zoo to raise money.  We had missed Diamond Rio and Sarah Evans playing earlier that day but were going to see Eric Church and the headliner Toby Keith play that night! This was when I started to realize I was going to have to be better prepared in my planning. The last bus that left downtown on a Sunday for War Memorial left a little after four and I had already missed it. And because it was going to be dark by the time the show was over, I really didn’t want to ride my bike because I don’t have any lights on it yet. So rather than walking the 3 ½ miles I wussed out and rode with Nicole. But Karma got me because we had to pay 15 bucks for parking! Ugh. But the show was really great and the best part of it which I’m sure the Zoo was disappointed to see was not nearly as many people turned out as was planned on. So we sat right up front for Eric Church and just a little further back for Toby Keith. And I have to say Toby put on a great show although I’m pretty sure he has sold his soul to Ford because every other song had a video to go with it that featured some sort of Ford vehicle, usually a truck of course.


Toby Keith

They took a bunch of shots of Little Rock landmarks for "American Ride"


So with a total of 27.7 miles biked and 64.2 miles carpooling, my first weekend comes to a close. Upcoming for this week is finally getting my bus pass, buying a rack and lights for my bike, probably some grocery shopping and not sure what else yet!

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  1. Alda Ellis

    October 4, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    rather busy weekend!


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