23 Oct

Monday after work, I went to a lecture at Curran Hall about insulating and weatherizing old homes. It was through the Quapaw Quarter Association and at the end of the lecture they handed out coupons for half off dinner at Copper Grill. So I called Nicole after the lecture and she biked down and met me there for dinner. I love the Copper Grill but It’s definitely not a place I can afford on a regular basis. After dinner we biked back together to the house.

Wating in the rain

Tuesday morning I walked to work and Nicole dropped Beckett off at the groomers on her way to work. Beckett had started to get so shaggy we couldn’t tell which was front and back on her. She was going to be finished by noon and Nicole asked me to go pick her up at lunch. She had taken her to the Sirius, a dog groomer just up Markham near the school for the deaf. Today was also our three year dating anniversary and I was planning on getting her a bell for her bike from Spokes and as usual I had waited to the last minute. And it had started raining. It’s been really dry lately so I haven’t had to deal with the rain much but I’ve learned not having a car definitely makes travelling in wet weather more difficult. At lunch I walked the block down to the bus stop on 2nd street and waited. The bus finally came and I rode up to Spokes and got Nicole’s bell. It was going to be a while before the next bus came through so I started walking down Markham, back towards Sirius to pick up Beckett. By then the rained had stopped. I decided to take the back streets back to the house rather than walk Beckett alongside 3rd street which had so much traffic. And also I didn’t really want to be seen walking a dainty little poodle down a busy street. We walked through the neighborhood behind Sirius and cut back to 3rd to walk over the bridge before turning left back into the neighborhood and following 2nd St back home. I kept getting the urge to go hunting or crush a beer can on my head as I walked my dainty poodle home with my purple flowering bicycle bell in my pocket, but we arrived home shortly and I dropped Beckett off and headed back to work.

Nicole's new bell


Walking Beckett Home

We parked our bikes in the theater and chained them together.

When Nicole and I got home that night, I gave her her bell and she had got me a Razorback cap. I had lost the one I had all through college and just never replaced it so it was nice to have one again. We had also decided we wanted to see a Moneyball that night. Everyone had been saying how good it was so we got on our bikes and biked down to Riverdale 10. This is probably the second worst movie theater in the area (Tandy 10 is the worst!) but I love it because seats are comfy and not a lot of people go there so a lot of times you have the whole theater to yourself. I had ridden my bike here on many occasions and when we got there I asked if we could park our bikes in the lobby near the counter. The manager had no problem with it. I asked him after the movie if anyone else biked here and he said there actually were quite a few people who did but he couldn’t give me an answer on why they didn’t have any bike racks. Moneyball was great and after the movie we biked back home.

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