25 Oct

Just a quick post about two upcoming events. One is the Mayor’s Challenge Learning Fair, which I have already mentioned, but here is a flyer for it as well. Also, I have been asked to run a booth discussing the stigma people have about riding the bus or biking to work. So come down and stop by Sunday between 1 and 3 and If anyone has any ideas they think would help or any points they think I should discuss please throw it out there!

Secondly, Here is some quick info about an upcoming public involvement meeting regarding the completion of the River trail over the railroad bridge and behind Dillard’s to connect it back to Riverdale. I imagine they will be showing some of the proposals they have come up with so far and if they do I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Public Involvement Meeting: Arkansas River Trail – River Bluffs Segment

It’s been a busy day. I rode the bus out to Sherwood to go to the Halloween Bash at the Sanders Library where Nicole works and had to work late at the office some afterwards so I’m not going to get to my St. Louis Blog entry tonight but it’s coming! Hope the info above can tide everyone over for a little while longer until I can catch back up. This blogging stuff is hard!

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