01 Nov

October has come and gone and yesterday my month long experiment came to an end. But not really. Although I can drive again, I doubt I will be doing much of it. Living downtown, and so close to my office, I never really needed to drive much to begin with except for some shopping errands. But for the most part, most everything I need is within walking or biking distance. Also, since I have had to use the bus for a month, I feel a lot more confident and familiar with how it works and I would like to continue using it. But more importantly, I didn’t get to cover everything I wanted to during the month. I still want to ride Greyhound, ride the trolley, interview Metroplan about the future bike trail and light rail proposals, and ride some other bus routes. Plus I still have a week to catch up on and I need to go through my spreadsheet and figure up just how much I spent travelling this month and compare it to how much gas I saved. So don’t go anywhere! October may be finished but I’m not!

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Posted by on November 1, 2011 in Bus Blog


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