05 Feb

My Journey

Saturday I drove Nicole out to the Thompson Library on Rahling Road in west Little Rock for a fiber arts gathering. Basically people who like anything to do with knitting. We took Beckett too and I decided we would go hike around somewhere while we waited on Nicole. I walked in the Library with her just to look around for a minute but on my way out I noticed a rack of fishing poles near the front desk. I should have asked where the lake was but I decided it would be more fun to go find it. I took Beckett with me and we walked behind the library, down into the thicket looking for the lake.

It wasn’t long before we came to a clearing which I thought was the pond but it turned out to be just a little swampy area. A little creek weaved through the underbrush which I later found out was a tributary of Rock Creek. There were a lot of downed trees and debris and the water branched off into a bunch of fingers, trying to find its way through.




Beckett and I walked along the edge and I began to notice that the downed trees had not been blown over or washed away but rather were cut near the base. And the more I looked the more gnawed away tree stumps I saw. As we walked further downstream the water began to stop and fill the basin and it wasn’t long until we found a large beaver dam at the end.


A Beaver Dam


A Stuck Poodle

Beckett and I hiked along the bank until we found a place to cross to get a closer look from the other side. The area was full of thorns and stickers though and took some patience and a couple of scratches to get through. I finally made it through to the clearing on the opposite bank to take some pictures and heard a high pitched screech from behind me. Apparently Beckett had had some trouble getting through the underbrush and was stuck on a log. So I had to hike back and save the big weenie and carry her to the clearing. The big baby.

But we were able to hike right up to the edge of the beaver dam. We didn’t see any beaver but it was still neat to know that still living in the cracks between suburbia was a family beavers still going about their lives like nothing was going on around them

Beckett checks out the beaver dam


Beckett found a ball on the bank and we played fetch for a while in the reservoir above the dam before hiking out. We finally found Lake Kirk to the south and hiked along the east shore where we found a beaver home. Becket barked but no one was home. We hiked to the spillway at the end of the lake and noticed above the concrete weir, the beavers had built another dam to raise the water level up even higher.

The Pood plays fetch in the beaver pond

Beaver home

Beaver dam on a concrete dam

We hiked through a massive parking lot and found our way back to the Library. I’m still not sure how you are supposed to get from the library to the lake though. We couldn’t find a trail connecting the two anywhere. I guess they just expect you to drive.

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Posted by on February 5, 2012 in Hiking, Little Rock


One response to “SUBURBAN BEAVERS

  1. Cheryl Johnson

    February 7, 2012 at 9:16 am

    And then I’m sure the pood got a bath! I can tell you were raised with labs. Neat exploration story.


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