01 Apr

Saturday, Nicole had to work so Beckett and I took a walk around town. We walked along the riverside to the Rivermarket and cut across town towards MacArthur Park and then across 630 to SoMa, and back down Main Street and Markham to get home. It was a great day to be out around town so I took the camera to document our trip. it was a little warm but it seemed like everyone wanted to be out and about downtown that day.




We walked down to the river trail and headed downtown first. The river is still pretty far up and some of the concrete paths along the riverfront are still underwater. We took a short break at the floating platform. It has some great views of the river and its popular with fishermen. And also, if you are standing on it when a barge or some other watercraft passes by, the waves make it a pretty fun ride! Its a little intimidating as well to stand out in the middle of the river, especially when it is in flood stage like it is now and you can see the muddy current boiling and swirling at your feet.

Looking back towards the Broadway Bridge

Looking Downstream.

We walked on down to the Peabody park which was pretty busy. This is one of my favorite spots downtown, mostly because of the great fountain for kids to run through. The playground is also really popular.

The Peabody Playground

The famous Little Rock six person bike was even there!

Bobby's Bike Hike

We walked by the Farmers Market and I talked with Jeremy, the owner of the newly opened Bobby’s Bike Hike in Little Rock. The offer bike rentals and will soon be offering Tours in downtown as well! Jeremy is originally from Little Rock, but recently moved back from living in Chicago and starting up Bobby’s Bike Hike in Chicago, one of the most successful and popular touring companies in Chicago.  I can’t wait to see it get going in Little Rock! Stop by and check it out! And Just in case you’re wondering , Bobby is Jeremy’s father, who was a bus tour operator in Little Rock.

From there we continued south, down Commerce street. We passed by a construction site for a new Residence Inn to be completed next year.

New construction downtown

We wandered on into the MacArthur Park neighborhood. Everything is in full bloom and the shaded walk, thanks to the numerous old trees that cover the neighborhood, was a welcome break from the sun scorched streets elsewhere in downtown.

Bridal pictures in front of the Terry Mansion

Walking down the street in the MacArthur Park Neighborhood

St Edwards Cathedral

One of the buildings we stopped by was the Kramer School a beautiful Romanesque style school that is now an apartment building for artists. It once had a huge tower at the front entrance that was removed in the 50’s due to structural problems.

The Kramer School today

The Kramer School with the old bell tower

We finally arrived at MacArthur Park

The Old Arsenal Building, now the MacArthur Park Military History Museum

We stopped at the fountain out front...

...The pood needed to cool down

The MacArthur Park Pond

Baby Ducks

We cut across 630 and walked through the neighborhood, heading west towards Main Street. I love this neighborhood.  The combination of old and new makes it such an energetic place to be!

The first thing I noticed after crossing the brige was this hot dog stand parked out front of a house. pretty cool set up!

A new home in the foreground, a restored home and an old home, all next to each other.

The modern looking U of A School of Architecture student built house in SoMa

Old apartments downtown

3 new Page Wilson contemporary homes together on a block

3 new craftsmans style homes across the street

A new two unit townhouse

The old Little Rock High School which has been converted into apartments

Looking down Scott Street, one of my favorite streets downtown.

Looking west on 15th street, towards Main

The Green Corner Store

We got to The Green Corner Store on Main Street and went in. Johnnie Chamberlin was having a book signing for his Trails of Little Rock and Trails of Central Arkansas Guidebooks. I brought mine along with me to get it signed. Johnnie has his own blog as well, Trails of Arkansas, which I check pretty regularly. The green Corner store is located next door to studio MAIN so I’ve been it a bunch. They have some of the best homemade ice cream ever! But the best is the Peanut butter and Jelly Ice Cream Sammie. I got one to go on my way out. I meant to take a picture of it to show but I was too busy woofing it down to remember. And next Saturday, they are opening their new soda fountain so come check it out!

Cool bench outside the Green Corner Store

Getting my book signed by Johnnie

The Grand Opening of the Soda Fountain next Saturday

From There we headed back home down Main Street, stopping at Fuller and Son Hardware to get a new key made for studio MAIN.

No poodles allowed (Had to tie her up to the post)

Inside Fuller & Son Hardware

Inside Fuller & Son Hardware

Getting a New Key

It really was one of those days that made me glad to live downtown.


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2 responses to “SATURDAY DOWNTOWN

  1. Jeremy

    April 2, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Awesome day, thanks for stopping into the shop!

  2. Anncha

    April 14, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    Keep on reporting. You are doing such a good job!


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