11 Apr

Much of our exhibit consists of old photographs of great buildings in Little Rock that have been lost over time. One of these buildings was the Union Trust Building on 4th and Louisiana.

“The Union Trust Company, which started as a brokerage firm in 1885 moved to this striking art-deco style building at the northeast corner of Fourth and Louisiana Streets in 1929. The building, fronted with Minnesota granite, bore sculptures panels representing the progress of industry and agriculture. It became the Union National Bank in 1934; the firm moved to a comparatively bland skyscraper on Capitol Avenue in 1969. The architecturally significant building was razed in 1978 for the {a} parking lot…and Union National disappeared into a series of mergers with larger banks.”

Little Rock Then and Now by Ray Hanley

Union Trust Company Lobby

Advertisement From 1929 for Union trust Company Opening

All that is left of the Union Trust Company Building (And another reason why I hate graffiti!)

I’m writing about this building in particular because of the interesting remnants of the building that remain on Fourth Street which I noticed on one of my wanderings. Thought the building is gone, the tile mosaic still remains in the sidewalk where the front entrance once was. This site is also significant because recently Moses Tucker announced they will be restoring the Blass building next door and this site will become a parking deck. Jimmy and Rett, if you’re reading this, please save this piece of history! It would be a great addition to this new development.

An empty parking lot is all that remains

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