21 May

Breakfast at Capital Hotel

What a weekend. Friday’s Bike to work week was a big success. Nicole and I got up early and biked down to the Capital Hotel that morning. They were having a free breakfast for anyone riding to work that day. When we got there, there were only 4 other people there which was kind of disappointing, but by the time we were getting ready to leave, the bikers started pouring in. I would say there were roughly 30 others in the bar area by the time we were done with Breakfast. So a HUGE thanks to the Capital Hotel for providing breakfast, bike parking, and showers for Bike to work day.

The Breakfast Spead at the Capital Hotel

A Great Turnout!

And if that wasn’t a good enough start to the day, my neighbor Gary, who is the Private Dining Manager at the Capital Hotel, gave Nicole and I the grand tour of the kitchen, or should I say kitchens. It was an overwhelming tour. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is made in house from scratch and everything is brought in from local Arkansas farmers (as much as possible anyway) everyday. All the meats are prepared and aged in house. We saw racks of curing bacon in one of the fridges and even got to try some homemade sausage. The best though was the candied pecans. Gary pulled out about a handful for us to sample. Nicole and I each grabbed one to try but Gary said to take the rest of them because you can’t eat just one. He was sooo right.  There are 5 kitchens total which allows the Capital Hotel to serve 500 guests in an hour. It was totally worth being half an hour late to work that morning!

Rocky Pose at the Capitol Steps

Saturday Morning I gave my first solo tour at Bobby’s Bike Hike. It was a small group, only two guys, Curtis and Tighe, but that was actually great because I got to talk with them a lot more on the tour and show them some other things around town, I normally don’t get to. The only problem that day came at the end of the tour. We had to modify our route because the city had closed down the River Trail to set up for Riverfest this coming weekend. So I had to improvise a little and take them down Capital Ave, but it worked out fine.





Finally, Sunday’s Rocktown Trackdown was a huge hit! Nicole and I teamed up with Jeremy Hadley and Miki from Bobby’s Bike Hike. There was a great turnout of bikers and walkers, either as a family as a team or solo. We were all given a map and a corresponding clue sheet with multiple choice questions. The great thing about it was everyone had a shot at first place. Even though we had a team of 5 and were on bikes, we still had as much of a chance of winning as the solo walkers because the hunt was divided into categories. But there was one team who did score the most points over all by making it to all the stops and answering all the riddles.



While everyone was waiting on the counters to tally up the points, everyone hung out and talked about the race, which ones were hard and comparing answers. While we were waiting, some of the bike polo guys that were there came up with a new contest to pass the time. They had 2 XXXL t-shirts and whichever team could fit the most people inside a t-shirt won a prize. It seemed like a good idea at first so jumped in. It didn’t take long to realize that 8 sweaty people all trying to squeeze into a single t-shirt as tightly as possible on a hot summers day is not a good idea!   But it does make for some cheap entertainment for everyone watching and some pretty funny pictures.

I’m waiting to hear back from Bryan Signorelli to get a copy of the map and the riddles to post here because even if you didn’t get to play Sunday, it’s still a fun scavenger hunt you can do on your own. I can’t wait to do it again! After the race, we all peddled down to Riverdale for lunch at Buffalo Grill while Jeremy proudly displayed our conquest to everyone!


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