16 Oct

From one of my top 10 movies, The Three Amigos!!!

For any of you readers out there who occasionally check in to see if I have actually posted anything new, only to find my blog the exact same way you left it last time, I am sorry. I have a few other blogs that I check on myself and a couple of them seem to have met the same fate as mine and I know how frustrating it can be.

This summer was busy at the office with a big project for a new dorm building up at the U of A which took up most of my time. And after that, I finally decided to buckle down and finish my Architecture Registration Exams (ARE’s). To become a licensed architect you have to pass these 7 tests. They cover a wide variety of topics in the field and are tough… and expensive. But I finally got tired of…

A) referring to myself as an intern even though I have been out of school and in an office for 6 years now, and
B) doing something fun and thinking, “You know, I should be studying right now.”

I have decided it’s time to get them over with so I can finally quit worrying about them and I currently have 3 left. My goal is to be done by Christmas this year.

But this does not mean that I given up on blogging! On the contrary, I have a list of items that I cannot wait to start blogging about in January! They include more History of Little Rock entries, more developments in the commuter biking/ pedestrian culture in Little Rock (yes it does exist) and of course, more wanderings. So I hope you all check back in!

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One response to “I’M STILL HERE EL GUAPO!!!

  1. Bryan

    October 16, 2012 at 6:17 pm

    Congrats on buckling down and getting your tests done!


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