15 Jan

What better way to jump back into the blogging world than to start with a design completion for downtown.

Envision Little Rock is part of the 100 year celebration of the John Nolan’s Plan for a Park System for Little Rock back in 1903. The plan proposed a master plan for a park system that would wrap around the city and include park space along the Fouche and Rock Creeks and the Arkansas River as well as tree lined boulevards stretching through the city connecting other parks in the city fabric. One part of the plan called for Capitol Avenue to be one of these tree lined streets, with the Capitol Building at the west end and some other import landmark or monument at the east end.

Capitol Avenue was one a busy thoroughfare in town as you can see.

Little Rock

View down Capitol Ave

View down Capitol Ave

Today, it still is a pretty nice street, especially east of Broadway. The Capitol building offers a nice focal point at the west terminus while you look down the tree line sidewalks and dense urban canyon of some of the tallest buildings in the state. But the grand avenue kind of peters out at its east end and abruptly and unceremoniously dies into Interstate 30.

A blow up of John Nolan's 1913 masterplan for Little Rock showing the Capitol Ave Greenway

A blow up of John Nolan’s 1913 masterplan for Little Rock showing the Capitol Ave Greenway


tumblr_mglmtoquKk1rm8rzto1_1280Envision Little Rock is a design competition sponsored by the City of Little Rock, Keep Little Rock Beautiful commission and Studio Main to solicit proposals for a creative and dynamic gateway into the city and an east terminus for Capitol Ave. Have an idea? Want to build an icon for Little Rock? Think you have a grand idea to change the course of a city??? Enter your design! See the attached PDF’s for more info and registration

…and there is a small cash prize…




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