08 Apr

This Thursday afternoon I am giving a special Bobby’s Bike Hike Tour for the 2013 Little Rock Sustainability Summit, so this evening I took a test run of the tour route. Plus, the weather this evening was awesome and I felt a little guilty about sitting around watching TV. I ended up biking down Main street on my way home and was surprised to find a lively storefront on the 600 block of Main. The ReCreation Studios were open tonight after their grand opening earlier this week. I had forgotten reading about it in the Arkansas Times in their Main Street Issue last week but was glad to see a lively new storefront on Main this evening! I picked up a schedule, (ReCreations Class Schedule), and got to speak with one of the owners, Camille Rule. Her and her boyfriend, Danny Kavanaugh run the studio and live in the apartment above. Camille and I had a good talk about Main Street and new projects that were in the works. Hopefully I will have lots more posts about Main Street as things begin to unfold!

Cool New Storefront

Cool New Storefront

Hula Hoop Practice

Hula Hoop Practice

The old sign. Wonder if it still lights up???

The old sign. Wonder if it still lights up???

100 Blog Posts! Whoo Hoo!

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