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Squirrels and rabbits are pretty common downtown, but occasionally I’ll find hawks, beaver, foxes and even deer along the riverfront. Today it was a nesting white pelican under the I-30 bridge that caught my eye.

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Our 1 pm Historic neighborhoods tour is fixing to head out. The weather is amazing and the downtown is bustling! Should be a great tour today!

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2013-02-18 17.35.35The big news for this week is I finally received my last test results letter. It’s a Pass! I’m finally a licensed Architect! I was watching TV Saturday and that usual sinking feeling of, “I should be studying” started creeping over me until I realized, “Oh wait! I’m Done!” It’s pretty awesome. I’ll be sitting at the office or at home and all of a sudden a grin will creep over my face. “Hehe. I’m an Architect.” 5 years of school, 4 years of interning and 3 years of testing (I drew it out longer than I needed to) and I have finally arrived!


Hmmm… now what?


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Lining up for the 2nd annual Tweed Ride! This year we’re in the SoMa Mardi Gras Parade. Parade starts at noon! Come check it out then join us at the Capital Bar afterwards.

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At the Willie Hinton Neighborhood Center tonight for an update on the 12th St Corridor Masterplan.

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From one of my top 10 movies, The Three Amigos!!!

For any of you readers out there who occasionally check in to see if I have actually posted anything new, only to find my blog the exact same way you left it last time, I am sorry. I have a few other blogs that I check on myself and a couple of them seem to have met the same fate as mine and I know how frustrating it can be.

This summer was busy at the office with a big project for a new dorm building up at the U of A which took up most of my time. And after that, I finally decided to buckle down and finish my Architecture Registration Exams (ARE’s). To become a licensed architect you have to pass these 7 tests. They cover a wide variety of topics in the field and are tough… and expensive. But I finally got tired of…

A) referring to myself as an intern even though I have been out of school and in an office for 6 years now, and
B) doing something fun and thinking, “You know, I should be studying right now.”

I have decided it’s time to get them over with so I can finally quit worrying about them and I currently have 3 left. My goal is to be done by Christmas this year.

But this does not mean that I given up on blogging! On the contrary, I have a list of items that I cannot wait to start blogging about in January! They include more History of Little Rock entries, more developments in the commuter biking/ pedestrian culture in Little Rock (yes it does exist) and of course, more wanderings. So I hope you all check back in!

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Let the battle for world domination  begin! Somehow I have successfully taken all of Europe. And yes we have a huge homemade board! This could be a long night.


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